Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Financial healing vs. debt relief

Recently, I was searching the WEB for support groups for "financial crisis" and "financial challenges".  I was doing this because I felt the need to see what people were going through and what kind of help was out there for them.  Although I did find some really interesting and helpful groups, I was very surprised by how little help there was for someone who was already knee deep into financial problems.

There were tons of sites for debt relief, credit counseling and debt consolidation, etc.  Even though I acknowledge that these are all steps in financial help, I was just shocked how little there was for, shall I call it, financial healing.  When you apply for debt relief, credit counseling and debt consolidation, you are still in the position of avoiding financial ruin.  Since I have experienced total financial ruin, I am interested in the amount of help out there for people who get to this stage.

I also realized that the reason there is so much help for the debt relief, etc. is because it is a money making machine.  All of these avenues cost money to be involved in them.  But, OK, some people really need it.  In the area of "financial healing" it is not a money making machine (not yet anyway) and there fore not near as big of an area of help.  Financial healing is about taking someone from the point of feeling that your life is worthless to the point of life is good and having money is not what makes it that way!  Financial healing is for someone to have the resources to talk to someone about how they feel about what is happening to them.  Financial healing is about releasing the shame that goes along with being in this state.  We need more help!