Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Does "more" spending really help the economy?

I watched an interview the other night with a local anchorperson and President Obama.  I know that I have written before that I have no intention of being a political voice for or against any politicians.  That said, I am neither for or against President Obama but I do have opinions on things that he has done during his time as our President.  Personally, I feel that his intentions of the "Affordable Care Act" or what Americans call "Obama Care" were good and helpful to the American people however, I do not believe that you can overhaul our Healthcare system and still allow the insurance companies to continue to rape the American people.

From his stance, the President made some changes to our healthcare system that he thought would be beneficial.  The problem is that every major change like this that is put into effect by people who do not know what it is like to live on this economic (bankrupt) plane, have no idea the ripple down effect their changes have on people.  The big boy insurance companies decide that since Americans do not really understand what is going on with all of this change, now is the time to stomp on us.  Raise prices, lower benefits, become stricter on their formularies are all things that we are now facing because of the air of all this change.

In this particular interview, the president was asked about his wanting businesses to raise their minimum wage.  The reporter asked if that would not just push small businesses over the edge and out of business.  The president's answer was that if people were making more, they would be able to spend more.  I don't now if that is true or not.  Gasoline continues to rise, groceries are outrageously expensive, health insurance costs are through the roof and most people get less than 1% in a raise for a year.  Our basic needs are such a huge part of our budget that there is seriously nothing left.  Oh and did I mention that since businesses are being expected to raise minimum wage, guess what else will go up in price...all of these companies goods and services that WE purchase.

Why isn't more put on the news about the unbelievable greed of those one percenters who make huge amounts of money, have tons of tax breaks and ways to shelter that money and pay their employees peanuts! The insurmountable greed that goes along with a society whereby they think that stomping on the poor and middle class will make them look and feel so much better, is quietly accepted.  Why isn't the President talking about this?  Perhaps because he has no idea what it feels like to be at this economic level?  Of course, it is.  But spreading this falsehood that getting minimum wage upped will then help those people be able to spend more money making the economy better, is just hogwash!  Lowering the amount that us bottom feeders have to pay for basics would help us to be able to spend money!!!!