Monday, January 20, 2014

Acceptance, a key to healing!

To a bankrupt American, the question comes about how important we are going to make the pursuit of money in our lives.  As we start putting together our financially broken lives, this decision about the importance of money has to be made.  How do we prevent ourselves from making the same mistakes we made to get into this situation?  Do we know enough to be better at managing our finances?

As I have stated many times before, everyone is different.  When I was going through my darkest times financially and found myself scared to death, I turned to God.  God had always been a huge part of my life but now I needed God more than ever because I felt that my financial problem was bigger than myself.  I felt like I could not pray to God for money for many various reasons but I prayed to God for healing my financial life and all that I needed to learn regarding it.  This brought me much peace but my faith, unfortunately, was not very strong.  It was not because I did not believe that God could handle such a big problem but it was because I did not feel that this was something God should have to fix.

Somehow, the little bit of faith I had, helped.  Buy most of my healing (which God helped me through) came from acceptance.  It is so hard to accept your life as it is when you are drowning in a financial mess.  I heard it said by so many teachers and writers that you need to be OK with were you are in life before you are given any more.  I tried so hard to incorporate that into my life but I just could not feel it!  What the heck, the rest of the world could never look at my life and accept any part of it as worthy and good so how could I?
It took me years before I understood how to surrender and accept my life right where it was.  I no longer felt that this was a weakness but a tremendous strength.

I realized that what had stopped me from accepting my life was from growing up in a belief system that related success with what you own.  Once I realized that it was just a belief and not the real truth, I was able to see the good in my life instead of basing its importance on how much money I had/made and what I owned.  I also started seeing the value in having a simple life and the freedom that comes with that.  I stopped chasing the accumulation of money.  As soon as I was able to get to that point, life became so much easier.  All this time I thought that getting more money would make my life easier and here it was that a shift in thinking was all that was needed.

I am not perfect at this by any stretch of the imagination but I do feel the healing happening.