Thursday, January 30, 2014

No judging me please!

I was having a conversation the other day with two women who started discussing another woman who had been found to have stolen funds from their sons' baseball team.  It appears that she was an upstanding citizen who others trusted with their money.  Apparently she had also stolen money from a church that she worked for as well.  All in all, allegedly, it was over $100,000.00.  She is facing jail time for these crimes!

I asked these women about her because I do not know her.  They told me that she was a wife and had 5 children that they were raising.  They lived in a rather affluent neighborhood and supposedly the husband had a decent job.  So I asked these women if they thought she stole all the money because she "needed" it.  They said that she must have otherwise why would she have stolen the money.  They assumed that something had happened where they must have fallen on hard financial times to have done this.

You know me, at this point I could not hold back.  Keep in mind that neither of these two women know about my financial situation.  I posed this alternative to them.  Why is it assumed that if someone has fallen on financial hard times that they would steal?  Stealing, many times, is an addiction to deception!  I can not say for sure if this woman stole the money because she was having financial difficulty or because of an addiction to deception or for any other reason.  But that is the point, no one knows what made her do it.  But the idea that someone who doesn't have a "good" financial life would automatically steal because of it, is not fair.

There are people all over the place who have more than I will ever have in my lifetime that steal from others.  There are allot of rich thieves (Bernie Madoff comes to mind).  I am just extremely sensitive to this thought.  I do not feel that I have to defend myself in this, but I do know that I have met people over the last several years that when they learn of my situation, automatically feel that I am not trustworthy.  That, if given the choice, I would steal if the situation presented itself.  However, I am not a thief and I would no sooner steal from someone than I would stab them!

I guess we all have something that others pre-judge (prejudice)  us about!