Monday, January 13, 2014

Losing the Job...Part 3

I thought that what was going to help/change our financial help for the better was, to say the least, MORE MONEY! Never did I think that my ATTITUDE about our situation was the thing that needed to change and turn in order for things to get better.  In fact, I was drowning in my not-so-good attitude but it was so hard to turn it in any other direction.  Sometimes feeling like a victim gives you a golden ticket to go around the responsibility to fix the problem.  As long as you can tell your sob story and have someone, anyone, acknowledge your pain, your desire to fix the actual problem dwindles.

Thinking too far off into the future is another determent.  Thinking that if you invest in something right now, even if you do not have the money right now that will bring in future money, is just not wise when you are trying to fill the holes of your financial woes.  Joining any type of money making ideas where you have to do allot now and maybe you will make allot of money later will more than likely make your problems worse.

Taking one day at a time and taking care of the problems for that day is a better way to handle things.  Just breathe and look for the opportunities that arise today.  Have patience that things will get better.  Know that there is so much YOU CAN HANDLE and that you can live on very little if you can just stop wanting so much.  Accepting the fact that this is the way life is for you right now does not mean that you are weak, it just means that you stop suffering.  Take from me who has been through this, you can live on very, very little if you can just not be angry about your situation.  Everyone gets into situations that seem very hard to other people.  That is the way life is!  Everyone has highs and lows in their life.  It is how you handle those highs and lows that make all the difference.

Some of us deal with harsh financial times, some of us deal with harsh health times, some of us deal with the harshness of death but we all deal with something.  Bad things happen to good people all the time.  But when we take other peoples tragedy and puff ourselves up with it because we dodged that particular tragedy so far in our life, we are separating ourselves from each other.  Although, separation feels good temporarily, we are meant to function together as a whole and will only be successful at living life when we are connected to others.

Money did not fix our situation but our attitude about it did.  It is hard to pull yourself out of fear and have faith but this is what must be done to feel like you have control over your financial situation due to a loss of a job.  Always know, you have to take one step at a time and be extremely patient!