Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shouldn't that be discrimination?

When I was selling real estate in the '80's, we listed homes according to the Catholic parish and/or the school district of which they were located.  In the city where I live people looked for homes based on this criteria.  We never saw anything wrong with this.  Then in the early '90's everything changed with the way we listed houses.  It was now considered discrimination to list the parish or school district according to the Federal Fair housing laws.

As a woman, I have felt the burn of discrimination many times in my lifetime.  Admittedly it has never been to the extent of what many other groups of people go through.  So, yes, I now feel the discrimination from bankruptcy.  The assumption that if you have been bankrupt and most likely broke you will have a thief mentality.  It is this assumption that makes me just burn inside!  There are so many people who rob other people blind (did someone say corporate America) and the thing that makes them steal from others is not because they are broke but because of greed.  So this assumption that if you do not have much money would make you into a thief, is just preposterous!

Several years ago, I received our renewal bill for our automobile insurance and it had risen substantially.  I called the agent and he told me that their company had gone to credit based billing.  So to give you an idea of what that meant was they calculated my insurance rate based on what my credit score was.  Forget the fact that we were long term customers with only one minor claim and that we had excellent credit for two decades before we got into trouble, the rate was determined by our (now bad) credit score!  The agent explained to me that their company felt that people who had bad credit generally turned in more claims.  Wow, I could not believe it!  The only thing I could do was change insurance companies!

So fast forward to now.  I just applied for a job and was turned down because of my credit report!  I know that this is a trend for employers right now but I think it is both outrageous and discriminatory!  Personally, I would be a great employee to any company or business.  I am responsible, reliable, intelligent, able to think on my feet, honest and can handle just about anything!  For me to be judged based on my credit report does not make any sense.  Do they think, like so many others, that I am a thief and they can not trust me?  Oh, how wrong they are!  It would make me feel physically ill to take something that did not belong to me.  With everything I have been through, I have never entertained the idea of stealing!

Oh, I understand someone not wanted to extend me credit, but to reject my employment application is ridiculous! How is this not discrimination?  Please, someone explain to me what the difference is between not being hired because of the color of my skin or my sex and not being hired because of my credit score!

I am very frustrated  by this!  I guess that until this group of "bankrupt, credit unworthy" people starts growing and becoming powerful in their own right and take their case to court, nothing will change!