Wednesday, March 19, 2014

All the best laid plans

Recently, someone close to me has a niece whose house was involved in a fire.  The main fire happened at the townhouse next door to her townhouse whereby the walls were attached.  The niece's home was severely damaged and she was moved by the insurance company to a furnished apartment.  Of course, she was quite shaken over the incident!

In hearing her tell the story about what all transpired with the fire, one of the things that struck me was when she said, "I now realize how truly spoiled I am.  I thought I had everything in my life in order.  I have been very careful in my planning to make sure that everything would be taken care of and I have lived my life knowing that I have planned well.  However, I did not plan for this and I have no idea how to function because this was not in my plan.  I feel very lost and freaked out."

Now this woman is about the same age as me and over the past 20 years has been almost conceited about the fact that she has so much more money than us and enjoys her freedom from not having any children and is very smug about.  She walks around with her head held back wearing the most expensive clothes, purses and shoes looking down on the cheapness of the rest of us.  I am sure you get the picture!

If there is one thing that I have learned and learned well from going through what I have gone through is that you can't plan life!  People who think they can are, to say the least, a little bit insane!  They spend their life, money and time planning something that can't be planned and then, somehow, think they are better than most because they HAVE DEVISED A PLAN FOR THEIR LIFE!  It is like they think that the people who are able to stick to their plan are somehow, smarter and more deserving than others who have plans that go awry!  (like becoming bankrupt)

Life happens and shows up the way and the time it wants to show up.  You can't stop the ebb and flow of life because that is what living is all about. You can not dictate how your life is going to go and how it is going to end up.  All you can control is how you react to whatever happens in life.  Everything, and I mean everything can change on a dime and as soon as we realize that and except it, we would never spend another moment thinking our situation is any better than anyone else.  That would make for a much more peaceful existence.