Friday, March 7, 2014

Financial Ruin Free

Last night, I was watching a program on TV called "Parenthood".  Part of the story line was of a character who in last season had battled with cancer.  In this episode, she had a follow up visit to the doctor and was very nervous about the she cancer free or has it come back.  I found myself actually feeling the same emotions that were being portrayed and was very surprised by it.

I have never had a health crisis such as cancer so when the portrayal tug at some of my emotional strings, I had to step back and take a look.  It was then that I realized that before filing for bankruptcy, we were always in a state of worried anticipation about what would happen next.  Every time we felt like we had healed a part of our financial life, there was something else facing us.  It just seemed like it could never go away.  We could not cure it, we just had to live with it!  There was no plan for recovery, nobody telling us that if you do this, this and this, you have a good chance.

Going through the bankruptcy process, we realized that we had to figure this all out on our own.  Maybe there is help someone out there to help through the process but we never found it.  We trusted that once we sat in front of the attorney, he would guide us through the process.  That did not happen either and from what I have heard, that is typical.  No guidance, no sign posts, no list of directions!  Just give us this information and you are done.  We had no idea what to expect.  Quite frankly, we still live with a looming possibility that something could be around the corner waiting to pounce on us.

In the episode last night, the character got the call that she was cancer free.  What a relief!  No worry until the next follow up visit.  I wish there was something I could gage our financial life on.  I wish I could get a follow up every six months for the next several years.  I just want to know as I go along that I am financial ruin FREE!