Sunday, March 2, 2014

We aren't struggling as much!

I was recently watching something on TV called "How winning the lottery changed my life".  I decided to watch it because I had nothing else to watch.  They had story after story about people who won big money in the lottery and what they did with the money.  I kid you not, in every single story I caught the winners saying the expression that "They did not have to struggle anymore" since they won the money.  They had all bought things that "made their lives easier" that they always wanted.

So what occurred to me was this;  is everyone struggling?  Is everyone in their current financial situation struggling?  Will only winning HUGE amounts of money stop the struggling?  Why are so many struggling?  These were not people who were living in poverty and had nothing.  These were all people who had jobs and incomes but yet were struggling before they won the lottery.

Now, I have to say at this point that we struggle to make ends meet but only when our income is lower than we expected, like if my husband doesn't have as much overtime as usual.  Then we have a very tough time and I feel the struggle.  However, if our income stays the same, even though our income is extremely low, I do not feel like we are struggling.

Can it be that people are feel like they are struggling because they can not buy whatever they want?  Is that the struggle they speak of?  If that is so, it means that people are focusing way too much on what they do not have instead of being grateful for what they do have!  The struggle, then, is internal...not external.  Constantly feeling like you do not have enough will put you into a poverty mentality and you will always feel like you are struggling.  To have to go through life like this is really, really hard!

Instead, going through life and accepting right where you are and being happy and grateful for what you have is where true peace lies!